Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Gotcha, didn't I?

Sure it's October but that doesn't mean it's too early to start new resolutions.

So in my last post I told you about how we've finally moved and settled into our new home. As part of acclimating ourselves to our new city, the hubs and I have been taking one day each week to venture and this week we high-tailed it up to a small town just north of us to take in an antiques and craft show.

As we were  taking in all that the show had to offer,  I stepped into one booth filled to the brim with the cutest handmade snowmen. One in particular caught my eye. He was hanging on the wall just as cute as he could be with this little note stitched onto the front.

The second I saw it I laughed out loud and thought, "Hey, he's just like me...a little round!"

But a few minutes later I wasn't in such good spirits. You see, my own words hit home. I was round. I was a bit pudgy and it was all my fault.

Over the past few years I've let life and all of its commitments, responsibilities and stress get to me in such a way that it's pull me from being healthy to a bit pudgy. 

Not good.

So this is where I stop. 

Or as Bridget Jones would say, "Full stop!"

If I want to live to one day see my dreams come true, watch my children grow and hold my husband's hand until we're old and gray then I better take this seriously, otherwise I might as well write out my own obituary, kiss my dreams away and watch others enjoy life in ways that I'll never have the strength or vitality to do.

Now this whole thought of dropping weight and getting healthy got me to thinkin' about resolutions. You see I truly believe that God has brought me to this time and place for a reason. I'm not sure what that is exactly but I trust Him. I trust that He's taking me on a journey that will never resemble any other in my lifetime.

If I were honest I'd tell you that I'm super excited, a bit nervous and sometimes downright scared. We just never know what God has planned for us other than He promises it to be for good and for His glory.

Now there's a second resolution that's been on my mind. It's my writing. Deep down I've always wanted to be a published author in book length fiction.   But I've spent a lifetime believing lies, living in fear and hiding behind life's responsibilities as a way to not chase after my dream. But today, as with my health I call out, "Full Stop" and I start living out the dream God's put in my heart for so long.

We all know, a healthy lifestyle and a dedication to a dream takes a lot of hard work.

So am I up for the challenge or will I go to my grave a bit pudgy with my heart's desire still inside me?

If I were honest I'd probably tell you that I'm shakin' in my boots about all of it.

I've spent too many years making excuses in both areas and now here I am, looking at myself knowing the truth behind my eyes. I know what I've done and not done to get to this point.  

This is my point of accountability. I don't want to resemble a round snowman and I certainly don't want to keep my stories inside. From this moment on, I'm going to do my best to walk/run/write my way to the way God designed me.

But before I do, let me just take a second and commit my ways to the good Lord who so graciously gives me each day to take the next step.

Thank you Lord, You are so good. I commit my goals of dropping the weight and writing  "The End"on my story. A story You've placed in my heart.  I ask for Your hand to be on my life, strengthen my resolve to meet the challenges both of these areas will present and make way for the end results to bring You glory. 

And finally Lord if there is anyone out there in cyberspace reading this little prayer, with dreams big or small, with doubts that threaten to cripple or derail them from the plans You have for them, I would ask that you would put a "Full Stop" to the fear, excuses and reasons that have thwarted them thus far. I pray You would show them favor so that they too may one day sing Your praises. All of this I ask in Your Son's name, Jesus. Amen 

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans."
 ~Psalm 16:3  NIV

Until next time,

Blessings & Best wishes,  

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